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About us

We are a car parts wholesaler, which serves many workshops, as well as private customers. We particularly offer our customers consumables and spare parts, tyres, lubricants and particularly also specialist supplies, such as overhauled differentials, gearboxes and replacement parts.

Another strength of our company is being able to offer our customers articles in various quality levels (house brand, premium quality and original parts) with the corresponding discounts.

Car / motor vehicle parts range

Accelerator Cable, Accelerator Pedal, Adaptor Valve, Adjuster, drum brake, Adjusting Bolt, brake system, Adjusting Screw, valve clearance, Air Dryer Cartridge, compressed-air system, Air Dryer, compressed-air system, Air Filter, Air Filter, compressor intake, Air Gaiter, pneumatic suspension axle lift, Air Suspension Valve, Air Tank, compressed-air system, Alternator, Anti-roll Bar Bushing Kit, Anti-roll Bar Stabilizer Kit, Antifreeze Pump, compressed-air system, Ball Joint, Ball Joint, tie rod travel sensor, Ball Socket, gearshift linkage, Bearing Bush, stabiliser, Bearing Journal, tensioner pulley lever, Bearing Set, stabilizer, Bearing, brake camshaft, Bearing, clutch lever, Bearing, drive shaft, Bearing, propshaft centre bearing, Bearing, selector-/gear lever, Bearing, stub axle, Bearing, v-ribbed belt tensioner, Bellow set, drive shaft, Bellow, driver cab suspension, Bellow, driveshaft, Belt Tensioner, v-ribbed belt, Bolt Kit, cylinder head, Bolt, brake disc, Bolt, control arm, Bolt, exhaust system, Bolt, flywheel ring gear carrier, Bolt, release fork, Bolt, wheel alignment, Bolt, wheel cover, Boot, air suspension, Bracket, axle body, Bracket, stabilizer mounting, Brake Adjuster, Brake Booster, Brake Caliper, Brake Disc, Brake Drum, Brake Hose, Brake Hose, compressed-air system, Brake Light Switch, Brake Lining Kit, drum brake, Brake Lining, drum brake, Brake Pad Set, disc brake, Brake Power Regulator, Brake Pressure Regulator, Brake Shaft, drum brake, Brake Shoe, Brake Shoe Bolt, Brake Shoe Pin Set, Brake Shoe Set, Brake Shoe Sleeve, Brake Valve, parking brake, Brake Valve, service brake, Breather Valve, Buffer, spring eye, Buffer, spring plate, Bulb, / taillight, Bulb, headlight, Bulb, indicator, Bulb, instrument lighting, Bulb, interior light, Bulb, stop light, Bulb, tail light, Bush, parabolic spring, Bush, spring eye, Bushing, brake shaft, Bushing, brake shoe pin, Bushing, brake shoe sleeve, Bushing, driver cab suspension, Bushing, driver cab tilt cylinder, Bushing, guide spring, Bushing, kingpin, Bushing, leaf spring, Bushing, rocker, Bushing, shock absorber, Bushing, spring carrier, Bushing, spring eye, Bushing, spring shackle, Bushing, spring shackle spring carrier, Bushing, starter shaft, Bushing, steering shaft, Cable, door release, Cable, parking brake, Camshaft, Camshaft Kit, Cap, gear lever knob, Center Rod Assembly, Centering Ring, rim, Centering Ring, spring U-bolt, Central Bolt, Central Joint, A-frame arm, Central Slave Cylinder, clutch, Chain Link, oil pump drive, Charger Intake Hose, Charger, charging system, Circlip, brake anchor pin, Circlip, brake shaft, Circlip, stub axle,
Clamp, charger air hose, Clamp, exhaust system, Clamp, v-ribbed belt tensioner, Clamping Sleeve, wheel speed sensor, Clutch Booster, Clutch Disc, Clutch Hose, Clutch Kit, Clutch Pedal Pad, Clutch Pressure Plate, Clutch, radiator fan, Coil Spring, Collector End Shield Bushing, starter, Combination Rearlight, Compressor, air conditioning, Compressor, compressed air system, Condenser, air conditioning, Conical Pulley, adjuster, Connecting Cable, ABS, Connecting Flange, compressor, Connecting Rod, Connecting Rod Bolt, Connecting Rod Nut, Connecting Rod, air compressor, Connector, compressed air line, Control Arm-/Trailing Arm Bushing, Control Stalk, indicators, Control Unit, brake / driving dynamics, Control Unit, cruise control, Control Unit, pneumatic suspension, Control Valve, coolant, Control Valve, trailer, Control, seat adjustment, Control, seat height adjustment, Coolant Pipe, Core, radiator, Counternut, valve clearance adjusting screw, Coupling Head, Cover Plate, dust-cover wheel bearing, Cover Ring, brake-shoe pin bore, Cover, brake camshaft, Cover, fuel filter, Cover, headlight, Cover, oil filter housing, Cover, outside mirror, Cover, tensioner pulley lever, Cover, wheels, Cover, wide angle mirror, Crankshaft, air compressor, Cylinder Head, Cylinder Head Bolt, Cylinder Head, compressor, Cylinder Head, compressor, Cylinder Sleeve, Cylinder Sleeve, air compressor, Deflection/Guide Pulley, v-belt, Deflection/Guide Pulley, v-ribbed belt, Diaphragm Brake Cylinder, Dipstick, hydraulic oil, Door Catch, Door Handle, Door Lock, driver cab, Door-handle Control, Drag Link End, Drive Pedal Kit, Driver Cab Suspension, Dryer, air conditioning, Dummy Coupling, coupling head, End Silencer, Engine Mounting, Exhaust Gas Flap, engine brake, Expansion Tank, brake fluid, Expansion Tank, coolant, Expansion Tank, power steering hydraulic oil, Fan Ring, Fan Wheel, engine cooling, Fan, radiator, Fastening Bolt, axle carrier, Fastening Bolt, stabilizer, Fastening Bolts, control arm, Fifth Wheel, kingpin, Filter Set, Filter, crankcase breather, Filter, interior air, Flange, fuel feed unit, Flex Hose, exhaust system, Flexible Pipe, exhaust system, Flywheel, Flywheel Bolt, Fog Light, Frame, fog light, Freewheel Clutch, alternator, Front Mirror, driver cab, Frost Plug, Fuel Cut-off, injection system, Fuel Hose, Fuel Pump, Fuel Tank, Fuel filter, Full Gasket Set, engine, Gas Spring, air deflector, Gas Spring, boot, Gas Spring, cap, Gas Spring, front panel, Gas Spring, sleeping cabin, Gas Spring, step plate, Gasket Set, auxiliary drive, Gasket Set, brake caliper, Gasket Set, crank case, Gasket Set, cylinder head, Gasket Set, hydraulic pump, Gasket Set, manual transmission, Gasket Set, oil pan, Gasket Set, rocker cover, Gasket Set, steering gear, Gasket Set, universal gearbox, Gasket Set, water pump, Gasket Set, wheel hub, Gasket, PTO, Gasket, block cover (crankcase), Gasket, brake camshaft cover, Gasket, charger, Gasket, cylinder head, Gasket, differential, Gasket, exhaust manifold, Gasket, exhaust pipe, Gasket, fuel pump, Gasket, intake manifold, Gasket, intake manifold housing, Gasket, intake/ exhaust manifold, Gasket, intermediate shaft, Gasket, oil pan, Gasket, rocker cover, Gasket, steering gear, Gasket, water pump, Gear Lever Gaiter, Gear Lever Knob, Gear, air compressor, Gear, camshaft, Glow Plug, Guide Rails Kit, timing chain, Guides, timing chain, Handle, hood release, Headlight, Heat Exchanger, interior heating, Heat Foil, outside mirror, Heating Foil, wide angle mirror, High Pressure Pipe, injection system, Hinge, driver cab, Holder, air filter housing, Holder, brake camshaft seal ring, Holder, exhaust pipe, Holder, exhaust system, Holder, outside mirror, Holding Bracket, silencer, Hood Cable, Hood lock, Horn, Hose Line, driver cab tilt unit, Housing, fuel filter, Housing, oil cooler, Hub Carrier Bushing, Hub, crankshaft, Hydraulic Filter Set, automatic transmission, Hydraulic Filter, automatic transmission, Hydraulic Filter, steering system, Hydraulic Pump, steering system, Ignition Switch, Impeller, water pump, Indicator, Injector Nozzle, Inspection Glass, hand feed pump, Instrument Cluster, Intake Pipe, air filter, Intercooler, charger, Interior Blower, Intermediate Bearing, drive shaft, Joint Bearing, connector rod, Joint Bearing, driver cab suspension, Joint Bearing, torsion bar, Joint, propshaft, Leave Spring Stop, auxiliary spring, Lens, combination rearlight, Lens, marker light, Lens, tail light, Licence Plate Light, Line Filter, compressed-air system, Link Stabilizer, Link, timing chain, Link, wheel suspension, Linkage Damper, injection system, Load Sensitive Valve, Lock Cylinder, Lock Cylinder Kit, Lock Cylinder, ignition lock, Lock Ring, stub axle, Locks, Main Bearing Cap, crankshaft, Marker Light, Master Cylinder, clutch, Membrane, membrane cylinder, Membrane, spring-loaded cylinder, Mirror Glass, front mirror, Mirror Glass, outside mirror, Mirror Glass, ramp mirror, Mirror Glass, wide angle mirror, Mounting Kit, diaphram cylinder, Mounting Kit, exhaust pipe, Mounting, alternator, Mounting, automatic transmission, Mounting, coolant expansion tank, Mounting, leaf spring, Mounting, manual transmission, Mounting, radiator, Mounting, shock absorbers, Mounting, spring carrier, Mounting, spring shackle, Mounting, stabilizer coupling rod, Mounting, transfer gear, Mudguard Strap, Multi-circuit Protection Valve, Multi-function Brake Cylinder, Multiway Valve, Needle Bearing, axle body, Non-return Valve, Nut, bevel gear, O-Ring Set, cylinder sleeve, Oil Baffle, crankshaft, Oil Cooler, engine oil, Oil Cooler, manual transmission, Oil Dipstick, Oil Filter, Oil Hose, Oil Hose, releaser, Oil Jet, piston underside cooling, Oil Pan, Oil Pressure Switch, Oil Pressure Valve, Oil Pump, Oil Seal, manual transmission, Outlet Valve, Outside Mirror, driver cab, Overflow Valve, Pedal Lining, brake pedal, Pilot Bearing, clutch, Pin, brake shoe sleeve, Pipe Connector, exhaust system, Pipeline, Piston, Piston Brake Cylinder, Piston Ring Kit, Piston, shift cylinder, Pre-chamber, Pressure Control Valve, Pressure Controller, compressed-air system, Pressure Converter, exhaust control, Pressure Disc, leaf spring, Pressure Disc, spring carrier, Pressure Disc, spring shackle, Pressure Regulator Valve, Pressure Regulator Valve, air suspension, Pressure Switch, Protecting Cap, spring support axle, Protection Lid, wheel hub, Pump and Nozzle Unit, Pump, fuel pre-supply, Quick Release Valve, Quill, cylinder head, RPM Sensor, engine management, Radiator Core, intercooler, Radiator Hose, Radiator, engine cooling, Reflector, Regulator, alternator, Relay Valve, Release Fork, clutch, Release Set, clutch operation, Releaser, Repair Kit, Load-/empty valve, Repair Kit, adjuster, Repair Kit, air spring valve, Repair Kit, automatic adjustment, Repair Kit, brake camshaft, Repair Kit, brake shoe mounting, Repair Kit, brake shoe sleeve, Repair Kit, brake-power regulator, Repair Kit, central joint A-frame arm, Repair Kit, clutch booster, Repair Kit, clutch releaser, Repair Kit, clutch slave cylinder, Repair Kit, compressed air control unit, Repair Kit, compressed-air system coupling, Repair Kit, compressor, Repair Kit, driver cab stabilizer, Repair Kit, driver cab suspension, Repair Kit, dryer, Repair Kit, flywheel, Repair Kit, fuel pump, Repair Kit, gear lever, Repair Kit, guide strut, Repair Kit, injector holder, Repair Kit, intermediate shaft, Repair Kit, link, Repair Kit, parking brake- brake valve, Repair Kit, propeller shaft mounting, Repair Kit, relay valve, Repair Kit, service brake brake valve, Repair Kit, spring bolt, Repair Kit, spring pin shackle, Repair Kit, stabilizer suspension, Repair Kit, stub axle pin, Repair Kit, water pump, Repair Kit, wheel hub, Repair Set, pressure relief valve (air compressor), Retaining Plate, brake shoe pins, Retaining Ring, wheel rim, Ring Gear, crankshaft, Ring Gear, flywheel, Ring, flywheel, Ring, wheel hub, Rivet, drum brake lining, Rocker Arm Shaft, valve train, Rocker Arm, valve train, Rocker Arm, valve train, Rocker Bushing, Rocker/ Tappet, Rod Assembly, Roller Piston, air spring rubber boot, Rotary Sleeve Valve, compressed-air system, Rubber Buffer, air filter, Rubber Buffer, driver cab, Rubber Buffer, silencer, Rubber Buffer, suspension, Screw Plug, axle drive, Screw, pressure plate, Seal Kit, multi-valve, Seal Set, valve stem, Seal, automatic transmission oil pan, Seal, axle cap, Seal, brake caliper piston, Seal, brake camshaft, Seal, brake shoe, Seal, compressor, Seal, drive shaft, Seal, exhaust pipe, Seal, flywheel, Seal, injection pump, Seal, injector holder, Seal, oil cooler, Seal, oil filter housing, Seal, propeller shaft mounting, Seal, radiator fan holder, Seal, spring bush (spring eye), Seal, spring link, Seal, spring link, Seal, stub axle, Seal, torsion bar, Seal, universal gearbox, Seal, universal gearbox, Seal, valve stem, Seal, wheel hub, Seal, wheel hub universal gear, Seal, windscreen, Self-locking Pin, wheel bolt, Sender Unit, coolant temperature, Sender Unit, fuel tank, Sender Unit, oil pressure, Sender Unit, oil temperature, Sensor Ring, ABS, Sensor, brake pad wear, Sensor, clutch booster, Sensor, compressed-air system, Sensor, coolant level, Sensor, exterior temperature, Sensor, ignition pulse, Sensor, pneumatic suspension level, Sensor, urea supply, Sensor, wheel speed, Shackle, spring carrier, Shaft Seal, auxiliary drive, Shaft Seal, camshaft, Shaft Seal, crankshaft, Shaft Seal, differential, Shaft Seal, injector pump, Shaft Seal, manual transmission, Shaft Seal, manual transmission main shaft, Shaft Seal, steering gear, Shaft Seal, transfer case, Shaft Seal, wheel bearing, Shaft Seal, wheel hub, Shift Selector Lever, Shock Absorber, Shock Absorber, cab suspension, Shock Absorber, steering, Shut-off Cock, Side Marker Light, Silencer, compressed-air system, Slave Cylinder, Slave Cylinder, clutch, Slave Cylinder, engine brake, Slave Cylinder, seat adjustment, Sleeve, nozzle holder, Socket Adaptor, Solenoid Valve, Solenoid Valve, retarder, Solenoid Valve, shift cylinder, Spacer Bushing, shock absorber, Spacer Bushing, spring eye, Spacer, adjuster, Spacer, brake shaft, Spacer, connector rod, Spacer, driver cab stabilizer, Spacer, stub axle pin, Spark Plug, Spiral Hose, Spotlight, Spring Bolt, Spring Carrier, Spring Clamp, Spring Clamp Nut, Spring Mounting, A-Frame, Spring Retaining Pin, brake shoe, Spring Shackle, Spring, brake shoe, Spring, clutch pedal, Spring-loaded Cylinder, Starter, Steering Column Switch, Stop Plate, adjuster, Stub Axle Pins, Suction Pipe, oil pump, Suspension Strut, pneumatic suspension, Suspension, drive shaft, Switch, 'cab tilted' display, Switch, hazard light, Switch, headlight, Switch, horn, Switch, reverse light, Switch, splitter gearbox, Switch, wipe interval control, Tab Washer, axle nut, Tail light, Taper Screw, spring bolt, Tensioner Lever, v-belt, Tensioner Lever, v-ribbed belt, Tensioner Pulley, V-belt, Tensioner Pulley, timing belt, Tensioner Pulley, v-ribbed belt, Tensioner, timing chain, Tensioning Nut, injector holder, Terminal Board, Trilex, Test port, Test port, air spring rubber boot, Test port, relais valve, Thermostat, coolant, Thrust Roller, release fork, Thrust Washer, crankshaft, Tie Rod End, Tie Rod/Bar Bushing, Tilt Cylinder, driver cab, Tilt Pump, driver cab, Time Delay Relay, interior light, Timing Chain, Toothed Disc, universal gearbox, Track Control Arm, Urea Filter, V-Belt, V-Ribbed Belt Set, V-Ribbed Belts, Vacuum Pump, brake system, Valve Cotter, Valve Guides, Valve Plate, air compressor, Valve, ABS regulation, Valve, compressed-air system, Valve, driver cab suspension, Valve, fuel supply system, Valve, injection system, Valve, rocker arm, Vibration Damper, v-ribbed belt, Warning Contact Set, brake pad wear, Warning Contact, brake pad wear, Washer Fluid Jet, windscreen, Water Drain Valve, Water Pump, Water Pump, headlight cleaning, Water Pump, window cleaning, Water Trap, compressed-air system, Wedge Drum Brake, Wedge Unit, drum brake, Wheel Bearing, Wheel Bearing Kit, Wheel Brake Cylinder, Wheel Hub, Wheel Nut, Wheel Stud, Wide-angle mirror, Window Crank, Window regulator, Wiper Bearing, Wiper Blade, Wiper Linkage, Wiper Switch, cap, expansion tank - power steering, cap, fuel overflow, cap, fuel reservoir, cap, oil filler, cap, radiator, cap, radiator, intake valve, pressure pad, intake/exhaust valve, screw plug, oil pan, seal, oil drain plug, steering lock, test port, pressure reducing valve, wear indicator, brake lining, wear plate, leaf spring